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The Flavia System

If you are considering buying a single serve coffee brewer that can deliver coffee house style brew at home and researching machines, you will certainly run across the Flavia Coffee Machine. A well known and respected name in the industry, a Flavia coffee brewer may suit your needs nicely. This article will introduce you to the Flavia coffee machine, its brewing system and unique brew packs.


About the Flavia Brand

Flavia machines are made by Mars Drinks, a global leader in coffee for the workplace and now for the home, as well. The company launched the first Flavia coffee machine over a quarter of a century ago in 1984. The Mars Drinks company was the first to introduce a single serve drinks system to the office, and has the only single cup system with authentic cappuccinos and lattes. In April of 2010, Mars Drinks announced that it had acquired full rights to the Alterra brand of coffee, as well as collaborating with the world famous tea expert Steve Smith to form The Bright Tea Company.

Flavia offers more than 25 combinations of premium coffees, cappuccinos, lattes, mochas and espresso drinks, along with Dove hot chocolate and a selection of high quality teas from The Bright Tea Company.

Instead of pods or capsules, as are commonly used in other similar coffee machines, Flavia brewers use individual brew packs that slide into a holder on the machine.


Flavia Brewing Machines

While there is a large selection of Flavia coffee machines for office or professional use, there are really only two you would use at home:


  • The Flavia Fusion Drinks Station—Brews over 30 types of coffee and tea beverages, your choice of hot or iced, one cup at a time. It’s a sort of combination of teapot, espresso machine and coffee maker in one compact but efficient package. This machine will make cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. The water reservoir holds 0.4 gallons. The brewer head adjusts to different cup or mug heights. It brews directly from the beverage pack to your cup. The maximum drink size it will make at one time is about 7 ounces. Color wise, it is available in either red or black. It has an option to make frothy drinks. Small footprint makes it ideal when you’re challenged for counter space.


  • The Flavia Fusion Deluxe—This model has all the bells and whistles of the Flavia Drinks Station, plus a blue LED lighted drinks selection, visible water level and a hot water button. Typical brewing time is a mere 35 seconds. A special water filter ensures purified hot water. The removable water tank holds 51.2 ounces for minimal refilling. It will deliver coffee shop style coffees, iced drinks, cappuccinos, lattes, mochaccinos and chococcinos one cup at a time, which avoids the wasted coffee of a traditional coffee maker. Frothy drink option. Available in a sleek silver and black color. Space saving size won’t take up much counter space and will fit neatly beneath your cabinets.


How Does the Flavia Fusion Coffee Machine Work?

You begin by filling the water tank. Then, slide the brew pack into the special brew package holder and close the door. Next, select the serving size and type of beverage you want to make. The machine heats the water from the reservoir in the amount you have selected per cup or serving size in a built-in boiler. Once it has been heated to the correct temperature, it flows through the punctured brew pack to be even distributed over the coffee, tea or chocolate inside and you have a perfect cup of whichever beverage you chose to make.


Types of Brew Packs Available

There is a huge variety of brew packs available for the Flavia coffee machines.


Alterra Coffee Brew Packs

  •  Colombia: Medium roasted 100% Colombian coffee beans
  • House Blend: Light roasted beans with medium intensity
  • Costa Rica: Smooth bodied sweet roast of Costa Rican beans captures the spirit of the Caribbean
  • Ethiopia: From the Ethiopian Highlands, a 100% Yirgacheffe bean coffee with bright, fruity flavor
  •  Sumatra: Sumatran Arabica beans give a full bodied, complex coffee with a bold finish
  • Kenya: Full bodied, bright taste from 100% Kenyan Arabica beans, medium roasted.
  • Barista’s Blend: Bold, rich and smoky blend
  • Kona Blend: A touch of the Islands with an exotic flavor, medium roast
  • Artisan Roast: Medium roast of blends with a fruity flavor and honey notes
  • Foundry Blend: Medium roasted premium blend of beans with a full body and a hint of chocolate
  • French Roast Decaf: Dark roast without the caffeine
  • Alterra House Blend Decaf: Light roasted blend of beans for a medium bodied, smooth cup
  • Espresso Roast: Dark roasted beans for a luscious, full bodied and earthy coffee
  • Hazelnut: A medium roast with the continental taste of hazelnuts
  • French Roast: Classic French roast with a smoky twist
  • French Vanilla: Medium roasted beans with yummy vanilla
  • Morning Roast: Lightly roasted for medium body and smooth finish


Bright Tea Company Tea Brew Packs

  •  Earl Grey: Medium body, fresh bergamot and citrus flavor, slightly smoky
  • Japanese Green: Delicate Sencha tea from the foothills of Mt. Fuji in Japan, authentic green tea
  • Lemon Herbal: Light grassy and citrus flavor, balanced with a touch of honey bush
  • Peppermint Herbal: Bold peppermint flavor with slight chocolate notes, refreshing
  • Raspberry Herbal: Raspberry flavor is sweet, tart and juicy
  • White With Orange: Balanced blend of citrus orange and white tea flavors, smooth and light
  • Select Green: Subtle nutty notes, vegetative flavor is light and sweet
  • Green With Jasmine: Lightly floral with a nutty, vegetative taste
  • English Breakfast: Robust black tea with notes of caramelized sugar and malt.
  • Chai Spice: Bright black tea with spicy notes of black pepper, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon


Chocolate Brew Packs

  •  Peppermint Hot Chocolate: Rich Dove chocolate with a hint of peppermint
  • Dove Hot Chocolate: Made with famous Dove chocolate and chocolate liqueur

In addition to the brew packs listed above, you can also get some delicious sounding specialty varieties such as Mars Swirl, Milky Way Swirl and Cappuccino Latte Swirl. There are also several brew pack varieties of Cappuccinos and Lattes, as well as Tea Combos, Mochas and Chocolate-Lattes.


Where Can You Buy Flavia Coffee Machines and Brew Packs?

You can find the Flavia Fusion machines on Amazon as well as the manufacturer’s website. Currently, the brew packs are only available from the manufacturer on the Flavia website.

The price of the Flavia Fusion is about $125 on Amazon and the manufacturer’s website. The Flavia Fusion Deluxe is a bit pricier, it costs around $250 on Amazon and considerably less on the Flavia website where it is selling for $190.

The Flavia brew packs average about $14 for coffee, 20 packs. Tea brew packs are about $10 to $13 for a box of 20 packs. The chocolates are about $12 for 20 packs of the peppermint chocolate and a little more—about $15 for 20 packs of the Dove chocolate. The specialty brew packs come in a wide variety of prices.

There are no accessories available for the home version of the Flavia coffee machines at present.

In summary, the Flavia coffee machines seem to be extremely versatile and would probably appeal to anyone who wanted to make more than coffee.

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