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Keurig vs Senseo Comparison

Keurig vs Senseo

This is a comparison between two of the most popular single cup coffee brewing systems available today: Keurig vs Senseo. These are both great brewers with much to recommend them and both are brands that stand for excellence in the industry, so you need not worry about either one being of inferior quality. If you have been checking out several single cup brewers and have shortlisted these two, your ultimate decision as to which one to buy will be based largely on your own personal preferences. One machine might have features that you feel you simply cannot live without, while the other may have drawbacks that influence you against buying it. When it gets right down to the nitty gritty, your choice between Keurig vs Senseo will rest on the features that make or break the deal for you, personally, rather than the respective merits of the brewers.

About Reviews

Reviews are a very good way to acquire knowledge about the features of a product you are considering buying, as well as a great way to read impartial opinions and observations about a particular widget written by consumers who have actually used it. The thing to keep in mind about reviews, however, is that most people will only go to the trouble to write a review of a product if it has made an extremely favorable impression on them or vice versa: an extremely unfavorable impression. Reviews are seldom written by people with neutral opinions about a product. So, while reviews are definitely a help when you are shopping around, you shouldn’t let your research stop there. To be on the safe side, try to check out comparisons between the products you are thinking of buying. This is an ideal way to quickly and easily see the pluses and minuses of one brand or model versus another and can be a huge help on guiding you toward an informed buying decision. Now, on to the comparison between the Keurig vs Senseo!

Keurig vs Senseo Brewers

Keurig Brewers

Keurig is owned by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, a well known and respected name in the world of gourmet coffee. Keurig brewers use pre-filled single portion disposable beverage cups called K cups. Presently, there are five models of Keurig brewing systems recommended for home use:

  • Mini Plus
  • B155
  • Special Edition
  • Platinum
  • Elite

Retail prices for these machines range from about $99 for the Mini brewer on up to around $240 for the B155 brewer. Each of these models will serve up a fresh, hot cup of java in less than a minute. Keurig brewing systems are widely available at many brick and mortar retail stores such as target and JC Penneys. You can also buy directly from the Keurig website or from an online e-tail store such as Amazon.

Senseo Brewers

Senseo brewers are the offspring of a partnership between two internationally acclaimed companies: Douwe Egberts and Philips. There are presently two models of the Senseo brewing system available:

  • Senseo
  • Senseo Supreme

You can expect to pay retail prices of approximately $70 for the classic Senseo brewer and about $130 for the more advanced Senseo Supreme model. Each of these machines will produce a cup of coffee in under 60 seconds. Senseo brewers use single portion discs called pods that are pre-filled with coffee. These brewing systems are readily available at many brick and mortar locations and mass merchandisers such as Walmart and Kmart, as well as from the manufacturer’s website, Amazon and many specialty coffee websites, too.

Keurig vs Senseo Beverages

Keurig Beverages

If you adore having scads of choices and would love to make hot or cold beverages; you would probably be supremely happy with the Keurig brewer with its 250 plus beverages choices which include coffees, teas, chocolates and even cider. Some beverages are seasonal, but most are available year round. The beverage capsules, called K cups, range in price from approximately $0.58 for most coffee varieties on up to about $0.90 apiece for spiced apple cider and some other specialty beverages. K cups may be found in the shelves of many retail stores and mass merchandisers such as Costco and Sam’s Club, as well as many online stores. A big plus to the Keurig brewers for some people is that you can use your own coffee if desired instead of buying the K cups. Keurig makes accessories for this, as do other manufacturers. If you are very frugal and not crazy about paying for the pre-filled beverage capsules, this might well be a strong selling point for the Keurig.

Senseo Beverages

At this time, the Senseo pre-portioned beverage discs come in 11 varieties. You may also brew tea in the Senseo classic machine through the use of a special pod holder. This pod holder is included with the Senseo Supreme and is expected to be on sale in retail stores as a stand-alone purchase very soon. The Senseo beverage pods retail from about $0.64 each on up to around $0.80 apiece. You can easily find the Senseo pods at many retail locations as well as online stores.

Keurig vs Senseo Accessories

Keurig Accessories

Besides having a treasure trove of beverage choices, Keurig also offers a wealth of accessories for its brewing systems. You can get K cup cases or towers, travel bags, refillable K cup filters, stainless steel travel mugs, K cup shelves, iced beverage tumblers, milk frothers and more. These are all available on the Keurig website and many of the specialty coffee sites online carry them, too, as does Amazon.

Senseo Accessories

The Senseo brewers offer a decent line-up of accessories such as the pod holder for tea and various accessories such as the Coffee Duck that allows you to use your own coffee insread of the Senseo beverage discs. It is also worth mentioning that there are other brands of beverage pods that will work with the Senseo machines, such as the City Steam pods. You can also purchase pod holders such as canisters, special Senseo cups and more. These accessories are available on the Senseo website as well as online from Amazon.

Final Conclusion: Keurig vs Senseo 

Each of these single cup coffee brewing systems has its own attractive features. Both are well made from reputable manufacturers. Your final buying decision will hinge on which brewer has more of the features you really want, or which one has a feature that you don’t think you can live with. Both will allow you to use your own coffee, which is often a tie-breaker between two brewers of this type.

If variety cranks your tractor and thinking about sampling over 250 varieties of hot and cold beverages has you grinning from ear to ear, the Keurig will probably make you deliriously happy. If you are mainly interested in a no-frills cup of excellent, piping hot, fresh java in a hurry—you might be well satisfied with the Senseo.

When making the comparison between Keurig vs Senseo, regardless of which brewing system you choose, you can be sure of getting a superior cup of coffee in the blink of an eye!

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