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Keurig vs Dolce Gusto Comparison

Keurig vs Dolce Gusto

This is a comparison between two of the best selling and most popular single serve coffee brewing systems available on the market today: Keurig vs Dolce Gusto. These are both manufactured by internationally acclaimed companies and each will serve up a piping hot cup of coffee in less than a minute. You will find, while comparing features of these two popular brewers, that your decision won’t hinge on the quality of the machines but on your own preferences instead. For instance, if being able to use your own coffee is a must-have, a brewer that offers this option would be preferable to one that doesn’t in your opinion.  Keurig vs Dolce Gusto is a true tug of war between the two contenders because they both have so much to offer.

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Read on for a comparison between the Keurig vs Dolce Gusto brewers!

Keurig vs Dolce Gusto Brewers

Keurig Brewers

If you have more confidence in a brand you are familiar with instead of a brand you have never heard of, you should have complete confidence in the Keurig brewer which is sold by a name that is synonymous for gourmet coffee: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Keurig coffee brewers are hugely popular all around the world and presently offer 5 different models for home use:

  • Keurig Mini Plus
  • Keurig B155
  • Keurig Platinum
  • Keurig Elite
  • Keurig Special Edition

Keurig machines are easily found on the shelves of many retail stores such as Macy’s and Sears, as well as mass merchandisers like Costco. If you prefer to do most of your shopping on the internet, you will be glad to know that you can also find the Keurig brewing systems available for purchase online from merchants such as Amazon and the Keurig website, along with many online specialty coffee sites. You can use your own coffee with these brewers, by the use of an accessory made for this purpose. All of the Keurig brewers will serve up a steaming hot, fresh cup of coffee in less than a minute. Retail prices start at around $99 for the Mini Plus and go on up to approximately $249 in the higher price range for the Keurig B155 model.

Dolce Gusto Brewers

While the Keurig can claim an illustrious maker, the Dolce Gusto is no slouch in the brand name department, either. The product of a partnership between two very famous and long established brands—Krups and Nescafe—Dolce Gusto currently offers four models of its single serve coffee brewers:

  • Circolo
  • Piccolo
  • Melody 2
  • Creativa

Each of these machines will deliver a fresh cup of steaming hot java in under 60 seconds. Retail prices range from approximately $90 for the cute little Piccolo on up to around $170 for the more advanced, futuristically designed Creativa. These brewers are available at many retail stores such as Walmart and Target, as well as being available for purchase online from the manufacturer’s website and Amazon. The Dolce Gusto machines will make either hot or cold beverages and use 15 bars of pressure, which is comparable to the professional brewers found in coffee shops. If you want espressos and lattés much like those made by the pros, you would probably be supremely happy with the Dolce Gusto brewers. You cannot use your own coffee with these brewing systems.

Keurig vs Dolce Gusto Beverages

Keurig Beverages

There is no doubt that Keurig is the hands down winner if you are looking for a brewer that offers a staggering number of beverage choices. With over 250 beverages available including coffees, teas, chocolates and specialty beverages like apple cider; there is no other brewing system on the market today that can touch the Keurig when it comes to varieties. The beverages come in pre-filled, single serve capsules called K cups that are easily found on the aisles of various retail establishments and from many online merchants, too. Retail prices for K cups range from about $0.50 for coffees on up to around $0.90 for specialty beverages.

Dolce Gusto Beverages

Dolce Gusto offers around 12 varieties of beverages that come in a pre-filled, single use capsule. Varieties include coffees, teas, chocolates and yummy treats such as Caramel Macchiato. Although there aren’t an abundance of varieties, the Dolce Gusto beverages offer something that will greatly enhance their appeal for you if you are a fan of frothy, milky drinks: milk capsules filled with sweetened, hormone free whole milk that are made to be used in conjunction with the other beverage capsules to produce such gourmet concoctions as macchiatos, mocha lattés and more. Retail prices for the Dolce Gusto beverage capsules run approximately $0.56 each for teas and coffees on up to about $0.75 apiece for the gourmet varieties. The beverage capsules for Dolce Gusto brewers are easily found at many brick and mortar stores, as well as online from the Dolce Gusto website and from Amazon. You cannot use your own coffee with the Dolce Gusto machines.

Keurig vs Dolce Gusto Accessories

Keurig Accessories

Some people thrive on being able to accessorize things they buy, and if this sounds familiar to you, then you will enjoy the selection of accessories available for the Keurig brewers. You can find cups, capsule storage devices, travel mugs, milk frothers and much more both online and off, at retail stores and from a large number of online merchants like Amazon. These accessories include a special one that makes it possible for you to use your own coffee.

Dolce Gusto Accessories

Dolce Gusto doesn’t presently offer any accessories for its line of brewers. However, since their beverage capsules are more or less the same size as several other brands, you can purchase various storage containers from Amazon online or other ecommerce merchants.

Final Conclusion: Keurig vs Dolce Gusto

As mentioned at the beginning of this comparison, since both of these single serve coffee brewing systems are from trustworthy brands, you will not be able to base a buying decision on the quality of the machines themselves, but will choose depending on which of these brewers has the features you really want and which one doesn’t.

If it is crucial that you be able to use your own coffee instead of buying the beverages specially made for a brewer, then the Keurig would almost certainly be your best choice.

If you crave the authentic espressos and lattés like those made in coffee houses, then the Dolce Gusto with its 15 big bars of pressure is likely to make you a very happy coffee drinker.

Whichever of these popular brewing systems you decide to buy when comparing Keurig vs Dolce Gusto, you will get a superior cup of coffee in a flash!

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