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Senseo vs CBTL Comparison

Senseo vs CBTL

Senseo vs CBTL is a comparison between two of the best selling single cup brewing systems on the market today. Both are great machines that will deliver a fresh, steaming cup of java in less than a minute. They each use a single serving beverage portion: capsules for the CBTL and pods for the Senseo. Your choice of which brewer to buy will, in the final analysis, be based on the features of the machines and which one fulfills  the personal requirements you have for a single cup coffee brewer. For instance, do you want to be budget conscious and get a machine that allows you to use your own coffee instead of being confined to the use of its own beverage portions? Do you want a brewer that will make other beverages besides coffee? Your answers to these questions, as well as others you might have, will determine which of these brewing systems is the right choice for you.

About Reviews

While reviews are indisputably a fantastic way to gather information about a product you are thinking of buying, bear in mind that the average consumer is only motivated to write a review about a widget they are either very happy with…or, on the flip side of that coin…very unhappy with. There is rarely any middle ground or neutral area when it comes to reviews. Another point to take into consideration is that in some cases, a person might leave a bad review for a product because they failed to do a little homework before buying and consequently, wound up buying something that was totally wrong for them. In these situations, it isn’t the product itself that was to blame, it was the buyer. Deciding what you want from a product and then getting information that tells you whether or not a certain product will give you the things you want is vital to buyer satisfaction! If you want a brewer that makes tea, but jump on the first brewing system you see without ascertaining whether it makes tea or not, buy it and then discover that it doesn’t….well, suffice to say that you will not be happy with that machine. This is a sad state of affairs that could have been avoided simply by doing a bit of research and reading a comparison such as this one that will quickly show you the major features of one brewer compared to another.

So, let’s get started and compare Senseo vs CBTL brew systems!

Senseo vs CBTL Brewers

Senseo brewers are made by the Egbert Douwes Company and the Philips Corporation, both world famous industry leaders for many years. The Senseo machine has won awards for excellence and is one of the most popular single cup coffee brewing systems available. It uses a patented 1.2 bar pressure system to deliver one or two cups of coffee simultaneously in less than a minute. There are two models of Senseo brewers:

  • Senseo Coffee Machine
  • Senseo Supreme Coffee Machine

Retail prices for these machines average about $70 for the classic, bare-bones Senseo and approximately $130 for the more deluxe Senseo Supreme. The brewers are easily found on the shelves of many brick and mortar stores such as Target and Walmart, plus online from Amazon and many other internet e-tail stores. You may also purchase the machines directly from the manufacturer’s website. The Senseo Supreme comes with a pod holder for tea. This accessory is supposed to be available separately very soon.

CBTL is short for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. The name comes from the name of the international chain of coffee shops that originated out on the West Coast back in 1963. There are presently two models of the CBTL brewer:

  • Contata
  • Kaldi

These brewers are quite versatile, making teas, chocolates, espressos, lattés and macchiatos. Each machine uses a mild 1.5 bars of pressure. They retail for around $130 for the Contata and $150 for the Kaldi. Don’t walk into your local Walmart expecting to find either of these models of the CBTL single cup coffee brewers. They may only be purchased at one of the brick and mortar coffee shop locations in California, or online from Amazon or the CBTL website. You cannot use other beverage portion capsules besides the proprietary CBTL capsules.

Senseo vs CBTL Beverages

Currently, Senseo offers 11 varieties of its beverage pods, which are round, flat disc pre-filled with coffee. The packages contain anywhere from 16-24 pods each and the average retail price of the pods is about $0.64 to $0.80 each, depending on which variety you choose. The packages of beverage pods are easily found at Walmart and many other brick and mortar stores. Additionally, you may purchase them online from Amazon, the

Senseo website and other online coffee specialty sites. You can use your own coffee or alternatively, other beverage pods with these machines.

CBTL brewers have a nice selection of beverage choices! These machines use their own pre-filled beverage capsules and you cannot use anything else at the present time. There are four different coffee varieties, four teas and two hot chocolates. The beverage capsules prices range from about $0.73 each for chocolates and coffees and approximately $0.63 apiece for the tea capsules. These are not widely available. You can buy the beverage capsules at any of the CBTL coffee shop locations in California or online from Amazon and the CBTL website. Amazon has a limited choice of varieties available.

Senseo vs CBTL Accessories

Senseo has several accessories such as the Coffee Duck Classic that only works with the Senseo classic machine. If you have a Senseo Supreme brewer, you can get the Second Generation Coffee Duck. Both of these accessories allow you to use your own coffee with the brewer. Ditto for the Ecopad, a reusable, refillable with your own coffee permanent filter that works with both Senseo models. You can also buy other beverage pods that will work with either of the Senseo machines, including the City Steam pods. Want a special canister to hold your Senseo beverage pods? You can buy these from Amazon, along with special Senseo cups. The Senseo website has these accessories, too.

If you like having scads of accessories for a product, you’ll be ecstatic with the CBTL website where there are plenty of things such as milk frothers, hand held milk frothers, pretty Doppio and Bistro cups, Pavina and Assam glasses, large and small capsule holders, a whisk and a nice wooden presentation box that holds 24 beverage capsules.

Final Conclusion: Senseo vs CBTL

When all is said and done in the comparison of Senseo vs CBTL, either of these single cup coffee brewing systems would be a great buy! They are both backed by the good reputations of their manufacturers and are both among the favorite brewers in this market.

The one you decide to buy will be based on which brewer does the things that are most important to you. For instance, if price is a factor, you might be better satisfied with a machine that would let you use your own coffee, such as the Senseo.

If you like the idea of being able to brew tea and chocolate, and make luscious lattés, mochas, espressos and other beverages….then the CBTL brewer will be your clear choice.

When choosing between Senseo vs CBTL, with either choice you will have a first rate single cup coffee brewing system that will provide you with delicious, fragrant java super quick!

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