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Keurig vs Tassimo Comparison

Keurig vs Tassimo

Keurig vs Tassimo is a comparison between two top contenders in the single cup coffee brewing market.  These two capsule based systems each have their own pros and cons, but you can’t really lose with either system.  Your decision will come down to which features you must have and which limitations do can’t live with.  It will be all about your personal preference, which reviews tend to highlight.

About Reviews

Folks that give reviews are usually highly satisfied due to their personal preferences being met, or either dissatisfied due to machine malfunctions or limitations that they are not happy with.  The latter is must-know info, so reading reviews are a must when looking at choosing your brew system, however, equally important will be researching and learning the details of what each system has to offer.  This will educate you on what is out there, reducing the chance that you will be disappointed because the machine doesn’t do what you thought, or because another system out there offers beverages or machine functions that you wish you had known about before buying.   Let’s get to the comparison and learn about these two systems!

Keurig vs Tassimo Brewers

Keurig currently offers 10 brewers that are compatible with k cups under the name brands Keurig, Mr. Coffee, Breville, and Cuisinart.  Retail prices range from $79 to $235, and brewers can be found online directly from Keurig or on sites like  They are also in your local Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s or other popular home goods stores.  K cup brewers can brew coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other specialty beverages in under a minute.

Tassimo has 3 brewers on the market right now; the Intermediate, the Suprema, and the Premium.  The range in price from $99 to $169 and can be found at, or shopping sites like  Tassimo brewers can also be found in Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Macy’s and other home goods stores.  Tassimo can, in under a minute, brew espressos, in addition to coffee, tea and hot chocolate.  The capability of brewing espresso means that you can make cappuccinos and lattes too.

Keurig vs Tassimo Beverages

Keurig has over 240 different flavors of k cups, their patented single portion cup.  Brands, such as Coffee People, Caribou, Green Mountain, Newman’s Own, Gloria Jean’s, Bigelow and Celestial Seasonings and many more, offer various coffee roasts, flavored coffees, teas, hot chocolates, and even apple cider.

K cups usually retail between 53 and 68 cents depending on current sales, and your shopping skills!  You can get some great deals and even free shipping by ordering large quantities or signing up for scheduled deliveries.  Each option is worth looking into if you find a coffee you love.  Check out,, or for current pricing and deals.  You can also find k cups in your local home goods stores like Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wal-Mart, and Target, or membership wholesale clubs like Costco, BJ’s and Sam’s.

Tassimo currently has in its 38 beverage line-up 18 coffees, 3 teas, 2 hot chocolates, 5 cappuccinos, 5 lattes, 4 espressos, 1 iced coffee, and 2 milk creamer T discs.  Brands consist of Gevalia, Maxwell House, Kenco, Mastro Lorenzo, Jacobs, Kaffee, Twinings, and Milka and more.

T discs are Tassimo’s single portion beverage container, and actually contain a bar code on the foil lid that sends precise brewing specifications to the brewers based on the beverage.  T discs retail from 34 cents to $1.27 each, which can vary due to sales, buying in bulk and other promotions like free shipping.  T discs can be found in the same local stores that carry the brewers like Bed Bath & Beyond and Target, and also in membership wholesale clubs like BJ’s, Costco, and Sam’s.  They can also be found online directly at,,, and many other online retail sites.

Keurig vs Tassimo Accessories

Keurig has a number of accessories on the market that allow users of its brewing system to use their own coffee grounds.  Many appreciate the freedom to use the grounds of their favorite coffee that may not be offered in k cups, some just like the option to grind their own, and others enjoy a reduction in both k cup expense and plastic waste.

Among these accessories, there are refillable mesh filters like My K-Cup and Solofill which fit into the brewer in the place of a k cup.  There are DisposaKups, which are exactly as they sound, disposable k cups in which all you do is put your own grounds in a k cup sized plastic cup with a paper filter and lid.  Then there are lids like K-Savers and My-Kap that allow you to clean out a spent k cup and reuse it numerous times.  If you are looking at the Keurig brew system, all of these accessories are worth delving into.  Using your own coffee can be a cost saver, as well as, a way to not be stuck having to buy proprietary cups or capsules that only fit one brew system.

Tassimo at this time does not offer nor are there after market accessories that allow its users to brew with their own coffee or espresso.  The limitation is most likely due to the bar code needed on the foil lid of the T disc which transmits data to the brewer so that each beverage can be brewed with its optimal settings.  This does limit the Tassimo customer from choice of beverage to no significant way to reduce costs or waste.

Final Conclusion – Keurig vs Tassimo

Keurig vs Tassimo comes down to beverage selection, single cup cost, and the ability to use your own coffee.  Keurig offers more flavors, roast varieties, and brands of coffee by far.  Yet, Tassimo has the capability of brewing espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes.  This is one of those personal preference decisions where you will have to decide which of those fit your needs the most.

As far as cost goes, the coffee is about the same price, however keep in mind that those fancy lattes and cappuccinos that Tassimo can make are over a buck each and even more when using a foaming milk T Disc.  This is cheaper than going to a coffee shop, but just know your per cup expense range of any system upfront.

Using your own coffee is a win for Keurig.  The system has many innovative accessories out there that allow you to do this.  If that is important to you, then Tassimo might not be for you.

Overall, they are both great systems that get rave reviews, they can be found easily in your local stores or online, and they are both growing in popularity.  When the competition is Keurig vs Tassimo, it will be up to you and your beverage preferences and desired machine capabilities that decide who wins this battle, but either way, you won’t lose!

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