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Single cup coffee brings you information on the most popular single serve brewing systems on the market. Learn about what each system has to offer as far as brewers, single portion beverages, accessories, and where you can get the best prices and deals.

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Your Source For Single Cup Coffee Brewer and Beverage Systems

At Single Cup Coffee you will find a wealth of information pertaining to the most popular single serve brewing systems on the market.  Whether it’s Keurig, Tassimo, Dolce Gusto, Pod brewing, or even if you aren’t looking into a particular system but want to know what is out there you can get the information you are looking for right here.

We delved into the top 8 single cup coffee systems learning all that we could to provide readers with system overviews, details on brewers and beverages offered, compatible accessories, best prices and deals on both brewers and reviews and much more.

The trend of brewing coffee by the cup is quickly gaining ground and many popular companies are entering into the arena.  For the consumer, it can be an overload of choices and information.  We are excited to provide one place where you can get information on many different products and systems without having to spend hours researching countless different sites.

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Featured Article of the Week:


 11 Surprising Facts About Coffee

This article is a guest post from our friends at Espresso Essential WA.

Coffee is hands down the most enjoyed drink all over the world. Over 500 billion cups are consumed every year. It is so common and well known that a certain American survey ranked the aroma of coffee as the 2nd most recognizable scent. But if you think that you’ve got coffee all figured out, and consider yourself a coffee lover, well, you’re not a true fanatic of the drink unless you’re aware of the following 11 Surprising Facts About Coffee.

1.  Coffee is not a bean. Coffee beans are actually the pit of the coffee cherry. That’s right, coffee is made from the processed and roasted pit of the cherry-like fruit of the coffee plant.

2.  The coffee plant is actually a tree. Yes, coffee beans are not even harvested from a plant. The term plant or shrub is used only because coffee trees (they can grow up to 30 meters tall) are deliberately kept small or low like a shrub to facilitate easier harvesting of the coffee cherries.

3.  Coffee has the capacity to kill you. But then again, you do need 80-100 cups of brewed coffee to overdose on caffeine! So the urban legends which say you can overdose from drinking several cups hold no real truth. In fact, several famous people throughout history drank coffee like there was no tomorrow. Theodore Roosevelt reportedly consumed one gallon of the drink a day. One gallon! And yes, he did live a long life.

4.  Coffee can prolong your life. Instead of killing you, coffee can actual minimize the risk of certain diseases, like cancer. Studies have shown that coffee drinkers are less susceptible to skin cancers and men who drink coffee also have a 20% less chance of getting prostate cancer.

5.  Coffee is not the only drink with lots of caffeine. In fact, tea and chocolate in some cases can have higher doses of caffeine per serving. And these days, typical energy drinks contain considerably more caffeine than your average cup of joe.

6.  Coffee was discovered by a goat. The story of the discovery of coffee apparently involves a goat herder who observed that his goats were much more energetic and alert after eating the ripe fruits of the coffee tree in 9th century Ethiopia.

7.  Coffee is the second most traded commodity. Coffee is second only to oil as the most traded commodity on earth at the present time. As mentioned above, 500 billion cups are consumed a year, 70 cups a year for every single person on earth!

8.  Coffee is the father of the first webcam. Actually this is a bit of an exaggeration, but the first webcam was indeed made to let people know that their coffee pot was full. This isn’t a joke, it all happened at The University of Cambridge, where computer scientists came up with an innovative way to monitor the progress of their coffee pot in the next room.

9.  Coffee can make you healthier and look more youthful. Coffee contains antioxidants. Antioxidants are the powerful molecules that help protect you by strengthening your immune system, making you look younger by eradicating free radicals which damage your skin, and can also prevent the occurrence of certain cancers.

10.  Coffee can boost your sex life. But before you reach for that cup of brew to maximise your bedroom experience, the evidence that supports this is from an experiment made on rats. There is hope though, human-based studies showed that drinking coffee can enhance the sexual experience for those who don’t drink it on a regular basis, especially if they are female.

11.  Decaf coffee has caffeine. Decaf coffee has a lot less caffeine than the typical cup but it still has caffeine. In fact, drinking five to ten cups of decaffeinated coffee can give you the same buzz as one cup of brewed coffee.



See the Single Cup Coffee categories below for details on each brew system.


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  • Coffee Bean & Tea LeafIn early 2011, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf introduced their answer to the single cup beverage market with their system called CBTL. Their brewers may be new to the market, but they offer exceptional style and functionality.
  • Coffee Lingo, News and InfoSome of the terminology you may hear when researching single-cup brewing can make you feel like you are learning another language! Learn the coffee lingo, and catch up on the latest news in this section.
  • Coffee Pod BrewersCoffee pod brewers provide a simple way to enjoy single cup brewing at home, though the mix of products on the market may seem a little more complicated. In this section, you find the details of what is available on the market and product compatibilities.
  • Dolce GustoDolce Gusto is fast gaining momentum in the single-cup coffee brewing system market, as Nestle did not hold back on the design and capabilities of their entry into the single cup coffee market. Modern in style and impressive in its features and functionality, Dolce Gusto is a true contender in the single serve beverage market.
  • FlaviaFood giant Mars Incorporated threw its hat in the single-serve brew ring by launching the Flavia brew system in 2005. Under the Mars Drinks division, the Flavia brew system is complete with gourmet coffees, teas and hot chocolates, including 'swirl' packs that fuse the taste of some of their signature candies into your beverage. Learn details in this section.
  • KeurigThe Keurig brewing system is a leader in the single cup coffee market. Keurig coffee machines brew up more than just coffee, and have a grand variety of beverages available. There are currently 10 single cup brewers that are compatible with Keurig's patented k cup single portion capsules. This category is full of details, news and information on Keurig and the brewers and beverages that complete their brewing system line-up.
  • NespressoNespresso is a single serve gourmet brewing system by Nestle. High end sleek style and the power to produce true coffee house style beverages makes the Nespresso system attractive to consumers. Learn details about this single cup coffee system in this section.
  • SenseoThe Senseo pod brewing system by Douwe Egberts, a Sara Lee subsidiary, is a pretty straightforward method for single-cup brewing. This system offers the simplicity of pod brewing with exceptional quality. Learn more about what Senseo has to offer in this section.
  • Single Cup Brew System ComparisonsSingle cup coffee brewers each have their pros and cons. If you are curious about how they compare to each other, check out our single cup brew system comparisons.
  • TassimoTassimo is a single serve brew system by Kraft that produces espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, coffees and teas in under a minute. They utilize bar code technology on the labels of their proprietary single portion discs that allow the brewer to identify the beverage and adjust for optimal brew settings. Tassimo takes out the guess work out of producing a variety of coffee house drinks.

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